So Dumb! Florida Makes 4-Star Recruit Caleb Odom Do Photoshoot On Glass, Nearly Suffers Severe Injury After Doing Jump

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I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Florida Gators.

High-profile college football recruit Caleb Odom recently visited the University of Florida (UF), and it ended up resulting in one of the dumbest recruiting mistakes that a “prestigious” program could make.

The 6-foot-5, 215-pound Odom — who is listed as a Class of 2024 four-star tight end — has a load of choices at his disposal in terms of schools hunting for him. At the time of this writing, the current favorites appear to be Alabama (because of course), Auburn, Florida, Ole Miss, Penn State, Tennessee and my Miami Hurricanes. Georgia, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, LSU, Texas A&M, Florida State, Michigan State and Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes are some other names in pursuit (here’s the entire list).

Expected to be a top NFL Draft pick in the future, it was time for the Carrollton, Georgia native to make his visit with the Gators over the weekend. Before he showed up on campus, things got off to a good start with a flashy hotel room loaded up with gifts, which is standard in recruiting.

After swimming in the flash and dash of the hotel room, Odom then got a tour of Florida’s facilities and talked with the coaching staff. Following that, it was time for more flashiness, this time in the form of a photoshoot in a Gators uniform.

With Florida rocking the Jordan Brand, the Gators staff decided to get him to do a Jumpman logo, meaning he would jump while doing the pose and be photographed while in the air.

As far as the photo itself, things turned out fantastic:

But man, did Odom have to deal with some bull to get to that point.

For whatever reason (which I’m going to guess has to deal with lighting since it’s a photoshoot), UF made Odom stand on glass, and do this in cleats. Yeah, it already sounds like a bad combination, and it was, as Odom slipped when he came back down from his jump and fell right onto the glass.


He ended up being okay, but man, how on earth do you make this mistake with a four-star recruit?

As a Miami Hurricanes fan, I’m aware of how dumb the Florida Gators program can be — the fiasco with Jalen Kitna being the most recent example I can give you (and the Marcus Stokes situation at that). And yeah, I get that my Canes have their problems, but Florida is on another level. Heck, at least Miami has a solid excuse for pumping their money into academics and trying to be the “Harvard of the South.”

Florida — who is most definitely a football school — what’s their excuse?

Like, seriously, what’s their excuse for mismanaging a four-star recruit like this? (RELATED: Miami Dolphins’ Mike McDaniel Gives Hilarious Answer When Asked If He Was Vaping During Playoff Game Against Bills)

I thought they were supposed to be a “prestigious” college football program.

Dumb, just dumb. The same Gators I’ve always known.

P.S. Quit being scared to play us.