‘Free The Nipple’: Trans Influencer Addresses Going Topless On The White House Lawn During Biden Event


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Transgender influencer Rose Montoya released a video late Monday, addressing his virality after getting his fake boobs out on the White House lawn.

Montoya went viral on Monday after posting a video of himself with his bare chest out, dancing and jumping around in front of the White House in celebration of Pride Month. In a follow-up video shared on Montoya’s Twitter account, he claimed that going topless in Washington D.C. is legal.

From here, he attempted to spin the situation as some weird “free the nipple” campaign where he had “zero intention of trying to be vulgar.” Unfortunately, his behavior has incensed many from across the political spectrum due to the blatant disrespect it showed for our country, and for how he represented the transgender community at this important event.

Montoya didn’t meaningfully apologize in the video. He did, however, mansplain what having boobs is really like, and ranted about how dancing around topless on the White House lawn was his version of living in joy, truth, and some other overtly privileged stuff that I don’t even want to bore you with.

I also don’t see how this behavior helps the transgender community at all. It makes them look like trashy, unsophisticated prostitutes, bringing down biological women and men who feel they are women.

If Montoya wants to be the dumb parody of a woman she was at the White House, then I support his right to do it. But none of us have to like or respect it.(RELATED: Haggard, Purple-Haired Scold Tells Girls Their Sports Are Too Pointless To Matter In The Trans Debate)

Don’t get me wrong, as a European and conservative Christian hippie, I embrace nudity wherever it is appropriate. For anyone wondering, the only places where nudity like this is appropriate is at home, in private, or in a single-gendered spa with the necessary rules in place.