John Gotti III Suspended 6 Months From Boxing After Throwing Unruly Punches At Floyd Mayweather

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Was it worth it, John?

In what was unknown to many, Floyd Mayweather and famous mobster John Gotti’s grandson, John Gotti III, squared off Sunday night in one of the most insane exhibition boxing matches in the history of the sport.

Unruly punches were thrown by Gotti after the bell, which forced Mayweather to throw a haymaker of his own to get the mob boss’ grandson to back off. Now, Gotti will be paying even further for those punches that sparked up a huge brawl, receiving a six-month suspension from the sport of boxing in the Sunshine State by the Florida State Athletic Commission.

Things started when Mayweather and Gotti were trash-talking each other, and when they wouldn’t stop, this forced referee Kenny Bayless to end the fight in the sixth round. Mayweather received the victory. In response, despite the bell ringing, Gotti started tossing illegal punches at Mayweather, with the G.O.A.T dropping a bomb on Gotti. After that, a massive brawl broke out that featured over 60 people.

It was utter insanity:

I still can’t get over how hilarious this Floyd Mayweather shot was:

What’s funny is I’m just now finding out that John Gotti III is the grandson of the legendary John Gotti, and yeah, I should have put two and two together, but I had a clear brain fart there. Not only was it obvious, but I should know this stuff being a mafia-maniac the way I am.

But hey, at least I had one of those “you learn something new everyday” moments.

Pretty cool stuff to see John Gotti’s grandson in boxing — it’s just a shame he’s now suspended for six months when I find out. (RELATED: Shannon Sharpe Officially Leaves FS1’s ‘Undisputed,’ Ends 7-Year Partnership With Skip Bayless)

Because of course.