Psaki Claims Trump Is Losing ‘Political Power’ Because He Couldn’t Get Anyone To Riot At Miami Courthouse

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Former White House press secretary and MSNBC host Jen Psaki said Thursday that former President Donald Trump is losing “political power” because he couldn’t get anyone to riot outside the Miami federal courthouse.

Trump was booked Tuesday alongside co-defendant Walt Nauta at a federal courthouse in Miami after the Justice Department indicted him days earlier. Trump plead not guilty to all charges and then made his way to Cuban restaurant Versailles.

MSNBC’s Ana Cabrera asked Psaki whether Trump’s “aggressive strategy” is hurting him.

“You write on, “Lest anyone has forgotten, Trump is a former and arguably current reality television creator and star, and he values an aggressive public relations strategy.” I wonder, is that aggressive strategy hurting him?” Cabrera asked.

“Well, I think it’s too early to know, Ana. I mean, I think there’s a difference between the primary, as Al just said, and also the general election. And we’ve also seen in polling that there are a number of independent voters who do have concerns about the indictment over the handling of classified documents. That doesn’t sit well with them and that’s a problem for him in a general election,” Psaki said. (RELATED: ‘Folks In The Control Room’: Jake Tapper Melts Down, Tells Producers To Cut Away From Smiling Trump)

“But I will say, in addition to the money, what is interesting and a good sign, I would say, is I would say, is that even though he has called for his supporters, called for people to come protest even violently, they did not show up outside of the Florida courthouse. We saw something similar in New York. That is an indication of, kind of some issues with his political power, as is the fact that there are some Republican candidates, from Pence to Haley to some degree, to Tim Scott, who are kind of being critical for the first time of Trump in a little bit more of an aggressive way.”

Trump was charged Thursday with 31 counts of alleged violations of the Espionage Act or the willful retention of national security information as well as one count of “conspiracy to obstruct justice,” one count of “withholding a document or record,” one count of “corruptly concealing a document or record,” one count of “concealing a document in a deferral investigation,” one count of “scheme to conceal” and one count of “false statements and representations.”