Biden Holds First Rally Of 2024 Campaign


Diana Glebova White House Correspondent
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President Joe Biden launched the first rally of his 2024 presidential campaign Saturday, speaking to a crowd in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The president officially announced his reelection bid April 25, though some critics became concerned about his lack of campaign events. The political rally was hosted by union members at the Philadelphia Convention Center while Pennsylvania Democratic Sens. John Fetterman and Bob Casey, as well as other officials including Rep. Bob Casey, joined the president. The president received the backing of labor union AFL-CIO, the largest federation of unions in the country,

In his remarks, Biden spoke about his legislative success, the importance of building products in America, his budget proposal and getting the wealthy to “pay their fair share.” He also highlighted how he “negotiated” with Republicans during his State of the Union speech to not cut Social Security and Medicare, a story he has repeated frequently.

“I truly believe this country is about to take off” and the investments made in the last three years will create growth “for the next five decades,” Biden said, adding that union members will get all the credit.

US President Joe Biden delivers remarks during a political rally hosted by union members, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on June 17, 2023. (Photo by JULIA NIKHINSON / AFP) (Photo by JULIA NIKHINSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden accused Republicans of going after union members, saying they “are coming for your jobs” and “your future,” but did not mention any candidates by name. (RELATED: Biden Finishes Speech With ‘God Save The Queen’ For No Apparent Reason)

The Biden campaign will be ramping up their fundraising schedule in the next few weeks, sending Vice President Kamala Harris, first lady Jill Biden and the president across the country. President Biden is set to travel to California, Maryland and Illinois, while Harris plans to go to New York City, Dallas and Maryland, Politico reported. The first lady is set to go to Minnesota and Tennessee.