Mike Pence, Chuck Todd Spar Over An Alleged ‘Two-Tiered Justice System’

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Former Vice President Mike Pence sparred with “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd over allegations of there being “a two-tiered justice system” during a Sunday interview.

Pence alleged the Justice Department held former President Donald Trump to a different standard than what was applied to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who deleted thousands of emails containing classified information from her private email server. The former vice president has not disclosed whether Trump is qualified to run, causing Todd to cite his remarks about Clinton being unqualified over the emails.

“Does this disqualify Trump from being commander-in-chief again?” Todd asked.

“Well, I stand by that view. It’s one more example of a two-tiered justice system that we’ve been living through for seven years,” the former vice president responded. “I mean I have to tell you, after seeing Hillary Clinton be given a pass — ”

“By your Justice Department,” Todd said. “It was by a Republican, no, no, no, Jeff Sessions had another U.S. attorney look into everything with Clinton and didn’t bring charges.”

“[Former FBI Director] James Comey, in the run up to the election, you know Chuck — ” Pence began. (RELATED: Mike Pence Says He’d Fire Christopher Wray On ‘Day One,’ Americans Have ‘Lost Confidence’ In DOJ) 

“I understand that, but you guys looked at it again,” Todd interrupted.

“Hillary Clinton was given a pass and then we went two-and-a-half years through a Russian investigation that we now know from the Durham report should’ve never have been begun.”

Todd claimed Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report said there was no politics involved and there was legitimate reason for the FBI to investigate now-discredited allegations of the 2016 Trump campaign colluding with Russia.

Pence then said it was “disgraceful” that the corporate media and Big Tech suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story despite the FBI having knowledge of the computer’s existence in the run-up to the 2020 election.

“The proper approach now is for equal treatment under the law. The Department of Justice — I would like to see — bring equal vigor to the investigation into the allegations around Hunter Biden,” Pence said.

“How do you know that they’re not? How do you know that they’re not doing that right now?” Todd asked.

“Well, I want to see them come forward with action that would reflect their commitment to equal treatment under the law,” Pence continued. “And frankly, the fact that President Biden was found to have had classified documents dating all the way back not just to the years as vice president, but to his years in the United States Senate. I would like to see the Department of Justice move forward vigorously … that’s equal treatment under the law.”

In November, Biden’s lawyers found classified documents at the Penn Biden Center, a think tank where he held an office when he was vice president. They discovered additional documents from the Obama-Biden era in Biden’s private garage next to his Corvette in Delaware in January.

Pence also possessed classified documents in his private Indiana residence in January 2023. The Department of Justice wrote in a letter to him that they would not be pressing charges.

He further told Todd the Justice Department refuses to charge the 2020 rioters reacting to the death of George Floyd or those destroying crisis pregnancy centers while targeting pro-life activists and Trump.