Um… What? Texas Longhorns Football Posts Bizarre Video To Social Media

Public/Screenshot/Twitter — User: caseycain1k

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What on earth was this?

There’s a lot of hype going on in Austin for the Texas Longhorns‘ 2023 college football season. With head coach Steve Sarkisian about to enter his third year, quarterback Quinn Ewers — now healthy — bulking up during the offseason and 15 starters coming back to the team, there’s a lot of optimism among Texas’ base that the Longhorns can do big things.

Everything seems to be going well for the program overall, but you know how it goes … “There’s always gotta be one.”

Insert Texas‘ social media team.

Earlier in June, the official Twitter account of Texas Longhorns football posted a video showing several players in the locker room … dancing? … to “Tweakin’ Together” by BKTHERULA. And with no context attached to it whatsoever, it just made for an absolutely bizarre moment for social media users.


The video was deleted less than 24 hours later.

To provide the context Texas didn’t, the clip is actually from a TikTok video wide receiver Casey Cain posted back in March, being a part of a trend going on at that time where participants have to dance while being sassy.

@caseycain1k Juat a lil zest #xybca #fypシ #foryou #viral #texasrelays ♬ Tweakin’ Together

Look, I get it. We all make mistakes, but come on, man.

And now I wanna know what exactly happened here. This video is from back in March — three months ago — how did it all of a sudden get posted in June? Was somebody doing the equivalent of a “butt dial” while on Twitter? Did somebody’s kid publish the video by accident? (RELATED: Jordan Love Wishes Bears ‘Happy Father’s Day’ In Attempted Trash Talk, Accidentally Implies Chicago Is His Daddy)

I have questions, and a lot of them.

Regardless, how embarrassing for Texas (though fun for the kids in the original video, that was great).