Watching This Big Guy Chase A Home Run Ball Just To Fall And Lose It To A Kid Will Totally Be Your Laugh Of The Day

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I should start doing this — a “Laugh of the Day” blog.

And to potentially kick things off, I got a story out of my old stomping grounds of central Pennsylvania in a Double-A minor league baseball game between the Bowie Baysox and Altoona Curve.

In the top of the third inning, Bowie’s Coby Mayo slammed a home run off Altoona’s Aaron Shortridge to give the Baysox a 1-0 run. Well, when the home run landed in the grass behind the fence, two people were chasing the ball — a kid and a husky fella. While both were closing in, the husky fella ended up crashing and burning on the ground, which then allowed the kid to steal the ball with ease and run away. And the poor big guy just appeared to be left there.

Just check out this absolute comedy:

It’s funny no matter what kind of person falls, but it’s especially true when it’s a big person. And I’m saying this as a husky guy myself. I mean, seriously, what would you rather see? Some average looking dude falling to the ground, or some husky guy crashing over?

It’s definitely gotta be the latter.

I feel for him though, because this “Laugh of the Day” is totally at the expense of his embarrassment. Not only did my man trip over, and not only did he lose out on the ball, but that kid just straight up left him there. He’s just lucky that the camera didn’t stay on him and the announcer didn’t grill into him. This could have actually been much worse. (RELATED: Holy Cow! Arena Football Referee Gets Absolutely Mack Truck’d And Goes Flying Like He’s Singing R. Kelly)

But hey, at least he’s going viral and kick-starting a possible “Laugh of the Day” blog series.

Better than walking away embarrassingly empty-handed.