Another Body Pulled From River As Serial Killer Concerns Plague Chicago


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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At least 12 bodies have been pulled from the Chicago River and Lake Michigan in the last 15 months, and a 13th was found Saturday.

Rumors of an active serial killer, or serial killer team, in Chicago started as far back as 2019, according to Fox 32. At least a dozen men have died under eerily similar circumstances, their bodies discovered days after disappearing, usually near Chicago’s waterways like the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Another body was retrieved Saturday, according to ABC 7, and the circumstances fit a pattern.

The victims are reportedly military-aged males who are then drugged and abducted by the suspected killer, only to be found in a river or lake days later, some with GHB (a depressant drug) in their systems, retired New York City cop Kevin Gannon and forensics professor Doc Gilbertson suggest, according to Fox 32. (RELATED: Video Claims Repeated Mothman Sightings At Chicago O’Hare Airport)

We first covered the story of bodies showing up in Chicago waterways in February, but as the city is falling apart under the weight of failed progressive policies, it doesn’t surprise me that literally nothing has been done to make the city livable.

With rampant homelessness, transient and organized crime and a political leadership that literally doesn’t give a crap, it feels unlikely the victims’ families will get closure any time soon.

It also sounds like these families aren’t alone. A Chicago-based alleged serial killer allegedly strangled women of color en masse between 2001 and 2019, according to Uncovered. Some 75 women were either strangled or smothered in the city, and only a 3rd of those cases were ever solved.

Perhaps Chicago is just the best place to be a serial killer and get away with it. (RELATED: Dear Kay, I Find Jeffrey Dahmer Attractive. Is That Normal?)

Low recruitment numbers and ongoing attacks against police from elected officials have made Chicago one of the most dangerous places to live in the world, let alone America.