REPORT: Bud Light Giving Away Their Beer For Free Ahead Of July 4

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Around 4th of July though?!

Things are so bad for Bud Light, the company is now reportedly giving away beer for free ahead of America’s birthday.

As we all know, Independence Day — which is next Tuesday — is a key partying day for Americans as we’re all doing our thing around the nation eating burgers and dogs, and throwing back a few cold ones. It truly is a glorious day, and all doing it to celebrate the good ‘ol red, white and blue.

Beer companies are in full marketing mode at this time of the year, with promos and deals before we get to the legendary holiday. Bud Light is no exception to that, but the problem for them is their sales have completely tanked ever since the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco.

Trying to save themselves from the situation, Bud Light is giving away a $15 rebate to anybody who buys a 15-pack of Budweiser, Budweiser Select 55 or Bud Light Budweiser Select, according to Newsweek.

And here’s the crazy thing about it: Newsweek is reporting that the rebate won’t just give the consumer cheaper beer, it will make it 100% free at times as well. This isn’t the first time that Bud Light has run rebates either, doing so prior in response to the fallout from the Mulvaney episode. But the fact that they’re doing it right before July 4th? A key day for beer companies?

Yeah, that’s pretty bad.

A recent blog of mine highlighted how Bud Light’s sales are down a whopping 28.5%, according to the latest data. And not just that, but other Anheuser-Busch brands are also in decline — Budweiser is in the red 12.3%, Busch Light has tanked 8.1% and Michelob Ultra is down as well at 4%.

When you analyze Bud Light’s competition, they’re all up — Yuengling Lager (25.1%), Coors Lite (21.8%) and Miller Lite (16%).

This is just terrible, man.

Bud Light has given away free beer before. You had Anheuser-Busch giving their iconic un-American beer to thousands of Philadelphia Eagles fans. They gave away Bud Light to Cleveland Browns fans with “Victory Fridges.” Bud Light has also been given away overseas.

But the fact that Anheuser-Busch is doing this in the United States (a country the company used to run beer-wise) right before a key beer holiday like the 4th of July? (RELATED: ‘Drink American’: Troy Aikman Slams Unpatriotic Beer Brands (Like Bud Light) While Promoting His Own Glorious Beverage)

That shows you how desperate they are to get “sales.”