REPORT: Chiefs-Dolphins Game In Germany Sells Out In Just 15 Minutes With 1.4 Million People Waiting For Tickets

(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is truly incredible — and it’s cool how my Dolphins played a part.

The NFL held its first game in Germany last season when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers landed a 21-16 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. It was a huge win for the league as well, who drew a total of 69,811 fans to Munich’s Allianz Arena in the middle of soccer season, which is Germany and Europe’s biggest sport.

It became clear Germans love football, but Tuesday, they intensified that love to a completely new level.

Scheduled for November 5 at Frankfurt’s Deutsche Bank Park, the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins sold out in just 15 minutes when tickets went on sale Tuesday morning.

Wanting to fill the 48,000-seat stadium were an incredible 1,420,587 people, who were trying to get tickets in the online queue — which hit that 1.4 million tally in only two minutes. Oh, and that 1,420,587 figure represents an absolutely crazy 1.7% of Germany’s population. To put it even more into perspective, that number far exceeds Frankfurt’s population by well over 600,000.

These are just absolutely crazy numbers.

As a Miami Dolphins fan, I can’t help but to have a little bit of pride, but at the same time, Germans just love football. I mean, dang, look at how they drink beer at games:

These people go hardcore for our sport. Like, every year when football season rolls around, Americans start to become legit fanatics. Football does that to us. But with how Germans are (with sports in general), I can totally see them ratcheting up to a new extreme that we just haven’t seen before with pigskin (and we’ve got our fair share of crazies).

But with the NFL expanding more and more to Germany, I think we’re about to see all of that wild glory. (RELATED: REPORT: New York Jets ‘Bracing’ To Be On HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ Despite Not Wanting To Be NFL’s Assigned Team)

I’m game! And go Dolphins!