NFL Superstar Jason Kelce Demolishes The Competition, Chugs Beer For Great Reason

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Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Super Bowl champion and NFL superstar center Jason Kelce is also a champion beer-chugger. 

Watch him delete 30 ounces of beer in five seconds at his annual charity event in late June:

His competition, Philadelphia radio host James Seltzer, didn’t stand a chance. Seltzer accepted defeat graciously, conceding the loss and tipping his virtual cap to Kelce on Twitter. 

The pair weren’t drinking just for kicks, though. The liquid race is part of a charity “Beer Bowl” at a fundraising event for the Eagles Autism Foundation in Sea Isle, New Jersey.

The competition, which also features games such as flip cup and beer pong, offers a $50,000 prize to the winner. Tickets to the overarching event at the Ocean Drive bar, where Kelce himself is slated to bartend on Wednesday, are only $10, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. But securing access to the Beer Bowl was more elusive. The foundation promised only the top 30 donors exclusive access to the competition.

The event also includes a live taping of the popular “New Heights” podcast, which Kelce co-hosts with his brother, superstar Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. (RELATED: Travis And Jason Kelce Interview Their Parents Before They Face Off In Super Bowl)

This is the third straight year Kelce is hosting an event for the Eagles Autism Foundation. He’s raised over $200,000 for the foundation since 2012, according to the Inquirer.

The Eagles center is no stranger to victory, having won the Super Bowl with Philadelphia in 2018. He’s also no stranger to chugging beer, seemingly relishing every opportunity he can get to throw one back.

Baseball games, soccer games, random interactions with fans on the street? Jason Kelce will chug a beer. No questions asked.