‘This President Is Compromised’: Comer Alleges Biden Family Has Accepted More Than $40 Million From Foreign Entities

(Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

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Republican Kentucky Rep. James Comer alleged the Biden family has taken in more than $40 million from foreign entities, observing Wednesday the president is “compromised.”

During an interview on the “Cats and Cosby Show,” Comer told hosts John Catsimatidis and Rita Cosby that the investigation into the Biden family’s financial dealings has revealed “19 shell companies,” that were seemingly created for the sole purpose to launder money from foreign entities to at least nine members of the president’s family. In the past five days, Comer stated, more bank records have come in revealing “more bank accounts, more shell companies and more Biden’s.” (RELATED: House Oversight Chairman Reviews Documents Related To Alleged Biden Family Corruption)

Comer told the hosts the financial transactions were a huge puzzle involving 30-40 banks and just as many shell companies in a purported effort to hide where the money was coming from and to avoid paying taxes. “This was organized crime. There’s no other way to define it,” Comer alleged.

When Catsimatidis voiced his concern over American policy being influenced by these alleged financial transactions, Comer indicated there were six specific policy decisions, four of which were made during Joe Biden’s presidency that make no sense as to why they were made unless “this president is compromised.”

“The transactions could exceed $40 million,” Comer estimated, explaining that because of the shell companies and alleged laundering, it was difficult to give a specific number. Comer further alleged that Biden, by taking money, had been asked to help the Chinese buy interest in American energy to include natural gas, drilling, farmland as well as manufacturing in American defense equipment.

Comer told Catsimatidis and Cosby he has no plans to request a special counsel to look into the Biden family, telling the hosts it would cede the investigative power to Attorney General Merrick Garland who could block Congressional inquiry. “I don’t trust Merrick Garland,” Comer stated, pointing to the testimony supplied by two IRS whistleblowers over their investigation into Hunter Biden.

“The Department of Justice under Merrick Garland has blocked and obstructed every credible investigation into Biden corruption so I don’t think under any circumstance we should give Merrick Garland the authority to pick one person” Comer reminded the hosts doesn’t have to report to anyone. Instead, Comer argued, the House Oversight Committee – where he serves as chair – can effectively investigate the case and produce facts for the American people.