‘Shut The F**k Up’: WNBA Star Natasha Cloud Lashes Out And Ridiculously Claims All White Americans Have ‘Privileges’

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Well … this isn’t blatant racism at all.

Natasha Cloud, who is a guard for the WNBA’s Washington Mystics, issued a response Monday to the criticism she’s been getting hammered with for her quite cold takes on the greatest country in the world (the United States of America) after two huge rulings from the Supreme Court in late June.

Leading the Mystics to the 2019 WNBA championship, Cloud took to Twitter yet again for another take on what she thinks the problem is here in good ‘ol America.

“(For real) though if y’all just went through my timeline you’ll see what I’m saying. It’s blatant what the problem is,” Cloud wrote. “I think our biggest obstacle in all of this is getting self centered, ignorant, misinformed, gullible, hateful people to step outside of themselves and to be able to actually shut the fuck up and listen to what a non white experience is like in America. There are inherent privileges that white Americans receive by being born white in this country. That’s a fact.”

Here is Cloud’s entire thread on Twitter:

Wow … how ridiculous.

As a white American, there aren’t many privileges that I’ve come across. Like my career in the media, for example. I’ve been in this industry for nearly 10 years now, and quite frankly, a large portion of my journey has been full of blood, sweat and tears. There’s been a lot of hard work involved, with only a little bit of glory attached before I came here at the Daily Caller. What about struggling is privileged? (RELATED: ‘Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The A**’: Bill Maher Doesn’t Give A Single Iota About Losing Woke Fans)

Nice to get spoken down to by yet another rich athlete … how nonsensical, man.