George Kittle Slammed After Endorsing Bud Light

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People really do hate Bud Light.

San Francisco 49ers superstar tight end George Kittle is a part of a group of NFL players who have been recruited by Bud Light for a summer advertising campaign, and … well … Kittle’s installment (like Travis Kelce’s) blew up in his face.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was featured in a Bud Light commercial earlier in July, with Kittle making an appearance in an advertisement this week that was published on the beer company’s Instagram.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is expected to be next in Bud Light’s NFL campaign.

With Kittle’s commercial, it was short, unsweet and to the point, starting off with Kittle standing at his closet, looking for a shirt to wear while partying and drinking Mulvaney juice. And then, when he finds his “old friend” (and it’s a disaster of a shirt), he puts it on and walks out his front door to join the party. And that’s when a Bud Light can makes an appearance, with another partygoer holding it.

Yes, it’s as lame as it sounds.



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With Bud Light being in the middle of the Dylan Mulvaney blowback, Kittle was hit with a huge wave of negativity from Americans who just weren’t having it.

“What a sellout,” one Instagram user commented on Bud Light’s post.

Things got so bad for Kittle that he even felt the need to explain that he’s “been a bud light [sic] athlete since 2020.”

“Been a bud light athlete since 2020 actually! Talk about what you know not what you think!” Kittle responded to the “sellout” Instagrammer.

Sensitive much?

Or maybe it’s because he’s probably getting paid well and has his own beer.

Hey, I get it from Kittle’s perspective. If I was getting nice-sized checks, saw my face on my own beer for a big brand like Bud Light and was an official “Bud Light athlete” — especially before the Dylan Mulvaney disaster — it would be hard for me to give it up, too. But at the same time, with as big a star as Kittle is, you’d think he’d be able to easily do this with another beer company. So, Kittle, what’s it gonna be … glory or more pitchforks? (RELATED: LOL! CNN Actually Went To Kid Rock’s Bar To Investigate Whether Or Not They’re Selling Bud Light (Spoiler: They Are)

Be an American hero and ditch that traitorous beer.