Toho Just Dropped The First Trailer For Their ‘Godzilla Minus One’ Movie, And They’re Bringing Some Heat With This One

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Godzilla is back!

Late last year, Toho made the bombshell announcement that they were coming out with a new installment of their “Godzilla” movie franchise, and that it would be dropping soon. Then Tuesday came … absolute glory.

The title of the film is called “Godzilla Minus One” — which I find such a swagged out name.

The first Japanese-produced Godzilla film since Shin Godzilla will debut in Japan on November 3, 2023 and will get a theatrical release in the US on December 1,” according to Gormaru.

“Set in a post-war Japan, Godzilla Minus One will once again show us a Godzilla that is a terrifying and overwhelming force, which you already get a sense of from the teaser trailer and poster,” said President of Toho International, Koji Ueda, in a statement Tuesday afternoon about the Takashi Yamazaki-directed film.

“The concept is that Japan, which had already been devastated by the war, faces a new threat with Godzilla, bringing the country into the ‘minus,’” the statement continues.


You better believe I’m 100% ready for this … I’m a huge fan of the “Godzilla” franchise.

By the way, while writing this I found out that Pluto TV launched a 24/7 Godzilla channel earlier this month, which I find amazing — so amazing that I’m going off about it to my wife at 1:00 AM. (I told you I love Godzilla) I went to it and it looks phenomenal, so I know what I’m doing this weekend. How epic, man.

But back to “Godzilla Minus One,” I’m loving the movie poster, which I’m totally going to have to frame somewhere.

So dope:

Man, I’m so amped for a new Godzilla movie!

Yeah, we’re going to pay drastically here in the near future because of the writer’s strike going on, but right now, we’re swimming in some Hollywood gold. I mean, dang, just in the past couple of days we’ve had trailers drop for:




And now here we go with a new Godzilla movie. (RELATED: A Classic Is Back! The First Trailer For The New ‘Wonka’ Movie Is Out And It Looks Absolutely Spectacular)

Epic times, ladies and gentlemen. Epic times.