‘One Direction’ Singer Zayn Malik Reveals Trauma Caused By A Dead Chicken


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous “One Direction” singer Zayn Malik appeared in a rare interview with Alexandra Cooper on Wednesday’s episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast and revealed a traumatic incident with a dead chicken that has left him scarred.

Former One Direction star Zayn Malik revealed he once had a pet chicken that ended up dying in his arms, despite his desperate efforts to save it. He said he knew “something was wrong” with his beloved pet, and he rushed to the vet, only to be shut down. “The vet laughed at me and said ‘People don’t bring chickens here,’” he said on the podcast. “And then they still charged me for an x-ray and then I took my chicken all the way home and cried,” Malik said. “And she died in my arms.”

The trauma of a professional refusing to treat his pet, combined with it dying in his arms was too much for Malik to bear, and he has since established a different relationship with the pets he currently keeps.

Malik told Cooper that he currently owns half a dozen chickens, but his heartbreaking loss has changed the way he bonds with them. He admitted his last experience was far too painful, and he’s afraid of having to live through something similar again.

In his first interview in nearly 6 years, Malik talked about his love for animals, which is evident in the sheer number of pets that he currently has.

In addition to the six chickens, he has three cats, three dogs and three turtles at his home in Pennsylvania. (RELATED: EMTs Transfer 17 Fans To Hospital During Ed Sheeran’s Concert)

Cooper asked him if he named them all, to which he said, “No, I haven’t. Not this time. I got too attached last time and it made me really sad.”

“I’ve got new chickens now, and they’re all healthy and stuff, but I didn’t name them for that reason,” Malik said.

Malik’s interview also included a candid discussion about his heated and highly publicized exchange with ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s mom, Yolanda Hadid, and a discussion about how parenthood has changed him for the better.