‘F*ck!’: Husband Completely Flips His Lid When It’s Revealed His Wife Is Pregnant

[TikTok/Screenshot/Public — @anissacofer]

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Well … this backfired.

A husband and wife are going viral after a video shows the former screaming ‘NO!’ over and over as the wife revealed the fact that she was pregnant (again). The couple already has four children.

From Rockwall, Texas, Anissa Cofer went to TikTok to post the clip of when her husband James found out they would be having another baby. Anissa used a hidden camera to record the interaction.

To kick things off, Anissa pointed to a package on the bed while her husband was seated at the edge.

“What is it?” asks James.

“I don’t know,” responds Anissa.

James takes the envelope, pulls out a piece of paper and that’s when he was made aware of the pregnancy.

“I’m not f*cking playing, stop playing with me. Anissa, no! I’m not… no!” shouted James. “Don’t do this to me. Please tell me that you’re joking.”

But nope, Anissa picked up the pregnancy test and handed it right to her husband, confirming the news.

“Babe! F*ck!” screamed James before the video eventually closed out.


@anissacofer Needless to say, she’s the blessing we never knew we needed. 🫶🏼#babynumber4 #pregnancyannouncement #blessed ♬ original sound – The Cofer Family 🤍

Man … this was such a backfire.

You could tell the wife was trying to be all cute with her husband, ready to celebrate the fact they were about to have a fifth child, and then BOOM! Husband wasn’t playing with that. And then she goes on to use it for content for all our entertainment, and possibly their profitability with the clip going viral. (RELATED: People Go Absolutely Nuts In New York City Airport After Repeatedly Delayed Flight To Las Vegas Gets Cancelled)

I say it’s a win all-around for this couple … well, except for dad wanting another kid, but you get my point.