Trump Says Biden Family ‘Compromised’ Over Alleged Business Dealings With Foreign Countries


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Former President Donald Trump said during a Tuesday town hall on Fox News that the Biden family is “compromised” over allegations they leveraged their political influence for favors from foreign governments.

Fox host Sean Hannity asked Trump whether he believed the Biden family has given favorable treatment to countries they have allegedly done business with. Hannity pointed out that House Oversight and Government Accountability Committee chairman James Comer has alleged the Biden family may have received up to $40 million in business deals from foreign nationals. The Fox host then asked whether the Biden family’s alleged corruption may have lead to Russia getting the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and China receiving no consequences for sending a spy balloon over the United States. (RELATED: Former FBI Agent Assigned To Hunter Biden Investigation Confirms Key Detail Of Whistleblower Testimony, Comer Says)

I think no question about it,” Trump said,” Look, you have China paying millions of dollars, just that one conversation which sounded like a mobster conversation, extortion. They got $5 million. Then they got another $5.2 million, I guess, from the same group. So, they got $10.2 million. That comes from China, and that’s the only one that they have covered so far. I understand have much more than that. And what about Ukraine?”

Trump brought up that he previously asked broadcaster Chris Wallace during a debate why the mayor of Moscow’s wife apparently paid the Biden family money.

“So Russia is giving them massive amounts of money. Ukraine’s giving them massive amounts of money. And China’s giving them massive amounts of money, and then there are many other countries also. It’s horrible. It’s horrible. They’re compromised. Joe Biden is a compromised president,” Trump said