‘F*ck You, Bye!’: Jennifer Lopez Gets Pissy After Being Locked Out Of A Gym For Less Than A Minute


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Jennifer Lopez put on a full display of her most diva behavior Wednesday afternoon when she apparently got pissy after waiting less than a minute to get into a gym.

Video shows Lopez arriving to the Tracy Anderson Method Studio in Studio City, then being forced to wait at the front door almost like … a normal person. She can be seen growing increasingly frustrated by having to wait outside the door when her key card failed to work. Lopez wore workout gear, and the paparazzi snapped photos of her from a distance. This was all apparently too much for the star, who got snippy with the photographers on her way out.

We’ve all heard stories of celebrities being rude to the public or the press, but Lopez gave us a first-hand look at her own apparent inability to be patient.

She seemingly wasn’t in any danger — the paparazzi waited several yards away from her and used their cameras to zoom in and capture her frustration. They didn’t invade her privacy or encroach on her space, but apparently Lopez gets mad when she has to wait.

Lopez was eventually let into the building, and paps caught up with the star on her way out of the studio.

She took out her apparent frustration on the cameramen by f-bombing them as she stepped into the passenger seat of her car. (RELATED: Jane Fonda Calls Out Jennifer Lopez For Slapping Her In The Face And Causing A Cut)

“Go away. Fuck you, bye!” Lopez said.

We get it, she’s rich and famous … but seriously, she can wait a minute for a door to open without throwing a tantrum, and she doesn’t need to swear at the very photographers who help her remain current.