Megan Fox Gets Shoved Into Barricade By Her Own Security Guard

Public/Screenshot/TikTok — User: Arianamyaa

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Megan Fox’s own bodyguard slammed her against a barricade while she was exiting a ride at the Orange County Fair on Thursday night, video shows.

The security agent appeared to accidentally shove Fox very aggressively while attempting to protect her from a man who was trying to go after Machine Gun Kelly. Video posted by a witness appears to show the security guard shoving Fox full-force against the metal barricade, almost causing her to lose her footing. Machine Gun Kelly can be seen immediately rushing towards Fox and taking her by the hand as the physical exchange continued.

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The man triggered the altercation when he lunged forward in an effort to punch Machine Gun Kelly, according to the caption of the video shared online. It seems the security guard moved too quickly to intercept the alleged assailant, and Fox got caught in the middle. The man remained in the far-right corner of the video frame, and the security guard continued to hold him back as Machine Gun Kelly and Fox exited the area.

Fox looked disheveled and was attempting to pull her shirt up as Machine Gun Kelly led her away from the action. She appeared uninjured, yet visibly shaken by the ordeal.

It remains unclear why the man was allegedly trying to harm Machine Gun Kelly in the first place, and there has been no more indication as to what led to the chain of events. (RELATED: Video Shows Security Guard Tackle Rogue Fan Who Snuck On Stage During Peso Pluma Concert)

The video stopped short of showing what happened between the security guard and the alleged assailant after Machine Gun Kelly and Fox walked away. Neither of the stars have addressed the incident on social media.