KASH PATEL: Forget Joe Biden, It’s Time For Congress To Hold Merrick Garland And Christopher Wray To Account

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Kash Patel Contributor
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President Joe Biden and his administration appear to have lied at least four times about the president’s ‘relationship’ with Hunter and business deals in China, Ukraine, and elsewhere. Although many are rightfully calling for his impeachment, blaming Biden alone misses the bigger problem. 

While many want to understandably target Joe Biden, I want Congress to stay on mission – focus solely on the DOJ and FBI role in running cover for the administration and interfering in our elections. Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray have been called to task by their own documentation. Just like we have been demanding for so many months, Senator Chuck Grassley’s most recent release by – the now-famous FD-1023 – is at least partially verified. No politically funded operators, no bogus confidential human sources, and no Hillary Clinton media disinformation campaigns – so definitely not like the infamous Steele Dossier. 

As the former chief investigator for Russiagate under then-Chairman Devin Nunes, we partnered with the Iowa senator to unveil the source of funding for the dossier’s debunked litany of disinformation. It’s good to see some in Congress returning to the simplicity of investigations, following the money, getting the documents and putting them out for the world to see. And now, whistleblowers have testified that millions of dollars were sent to the Biden crime family syndicate from the likes of Ukraine and the Chinese Communist Party’s henchmen. 

The problem is that this is just one document. How many more FBI and DOJ documents, internal emails and memorandums exist on all things Hunter Biden? Congress cannot simply end with Joe Biden. It has to impeach the roots of the problem: Garland and Wray. Congress must immediately demand they produce all outstanding documents currently under congressional subpoena. Failure to comply is itself grounds for impeachment, not to mention against the law. 

Forcing a trial of these two government gangsters in the House of Representatives will put on display all relevant documentation that Garland and Wray have likely been withholding using the farcical D.C. government cheese excuse of an “ongoing investigation.” The FD-1023 in question was issued three years ago in June 2020. This one document shows the depths of the investigation, and sources like the IRS whistleblowers don’t show up overnight and provide that level of specificity. If what they say is true, Garland and Wray would have already lied repeatedly. Make them testify in person, under oath. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice to show the world and afford the next Trump administration and his DOJ to prosecute them if warranted? 

The Democrats want the Republican majority to focus on the child-sniffing commander-in-chief, but that’s a political distraction. America must complete the Hunter Biden investigation and then expose the pair that seems to be covering for him – Garland and Wray. Stay on target. There is a reason you are hearing a growing chorus to put Joe Biden in the crosshairs. The more we look there, the less we expose what Garland and Wray might have buried. 

Which leads me to my last point: forget another special counsel. No one in the media seems to have learned anything from Russiagate or its progeny of special counsels. It’s dumbfounding to see that journalists who reported accurately on Russia Gate/Mueller/Durham are now screaming for yet another special counsel. Maybe they care more about getting a headline and appearing on primetime news, but this makes them seem as bad as the injustice twins. 

Special counsels are put in place to do one thing: shut down righteous congressional investigations like this one. Garland and Wray have shown they will never seriously investigate or charge Hunter Biden in their two-tier justice system. Do you really want Garland to appoint a Rod Rosenstein-like character, only to have him run around and glorify the actions of a once-Trump appointee turned special counsel, who is “seriously” looking into all matters? 

It’s the summer of 2023, just over one year away from the next presidential cycle. No special counsel will ever adjudicate this matter in that timeframe with the accountability necessary. The last three special counsels have averaged a lifespan of two years each and counting. Don’t be swamp stupid: special counsels are the D.C. version of a confidential human source cleanup crew. Garland and Wray have mastered this play, along with the media and the establishment classes. Be realistic and demand better. And know this: anyone you see calling for a special counsel is either naive or covering for Garland and Wray.

Kash Patel is former National Security Prosecutor and Deputy Assistant to the President. He  currently a Senior Advisor to President Trump.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.