Woman Relieves Herself On Spirit Airlines Flight After Reported Two-Hour Delay


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A woman relieved herself in the corner on a Spirit Airlines flight, alleging that she was not allowed to use the bathroom for two hours.

“I need to piss two hours, you tell me you cannot — you close the doors,” the woman explained to flight attendants filming her as she relieved herself, telling them finally, “I cannot hold the pee!”

Undaunted by the filming and the flight attendant’s insistence that she say “hello to the camera’ the woman continued, “You can do whatever you want. You can send a warrant, arresting me is better than this.”

The flight attendant filming the woman disparaged the woman, telling the passenger she needed to drink water because her “pee [smelled] disgusting.” (RELATED: Insane Brawl Breaks Out Between Airline Employee And Female Passenger)

While it was not immediately clear which Spirit flight this woman was on, the incident is another instance of passengers relieving themselves on flights outside of the designated facilities onboard.

In Feb. 2022, a California man was arrested and slapped with federal charges after allegedly urinating in the aisle of a Southwest Airlines plane shortly after takeoff. Samson Hardridge reportedly stood up with his hand in his pants and asked the flight attendant if she would like to see his penis before urinating in the aisle.

In January 2023, a Wells Fargo bank executive was fired after allegedly urinating on a 72-year-old passenger while on an India flight bound for New York. Shankar Mishra, who had been Vice President of operations for Wells Fargo in India was reportedly drunk when he accosted the elderly passenger, soaking her clothes and bags with his urine.

In another instance,  a college student on an American Airlines flight bound for New Delhi was arrested after urinating on a fellow passenger while drunk in March 2023.

The Daily Caller’s request for comment from Spirit Airlines was not immediately returned.