Yankees Fan Caught Red-Handed Dumping Ice Cream And BBQ Sauce On Rival Mets Fan


Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Ahh … the Subway Series.

The New York Mets and New York Yankees squared off in a Subway Series rivalry game Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium, with the blue and orange getting a dominating 9-3 win. But the contest wasn’t the only thing the pinstripes lost … they also had a loser on display in the stands.

At one point during the game, a Yankees fan was recorded on video by an unidentified individual dousing a rival Mets fan with ice cream and barbecue sauce.

The first time the Yankees fan dumped ice cream on the Mets fan it went unnoticed. The second time the pinstriper put a round of barbecue sauce on the Metropolitan also went under the radar. However, when the Yankee fan went for another round of barbecue sauce, that’s when the Mets fan turned around and caught him in action.


I feel for the Mets fan, period, but especially there at the end.

That dude was just sitting there enjoying a baseball game, and then gets ice cream and barbecue sauce dumped all over him. So like what most people would do, he takes a water bottle and tries to get the crap out of his hair, and ends up spraying some of the water on another rival Yankees fan — who then gets irritated with the guy.

The dude just couldn’t catch a break in that moment. (RELATED: So Chi-Town! Chaotic Cubs-White Sox Rivalry Game Leads To Wild Brawl, Man Getting Jumped And A Hospital Visit)

I like the Yankees, but this was a bit of a prick move. And no, I don’t want to hear about how “obnoxious” the Met was.

Like seriously, who does this?