CNN, LeBron James Get Butts Kicked By Unlikely Competitor

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s new documentary series, executive produced by Lebron James, suffered a ratings disaster against NewsNation’s UFO special.

American viewers added yet another nail to the CNN coffin Sunday night when its docuseries “See It Loud” by essentially ignoring it, leading to a 70% loss in CNN’s average audience, according to Nielsen Media Research data. The series was executive produced by Lebron James, amongst others, and is part of CNN’s ongoing unscripted programming.

At the same time, NewsNation’s UFO special “We Are Not Alone: The Historic Hearing” skyrocketed past CNN in the 25-45 age group demographic by 22% while also adding 105% more in audience viewership compared to previous months.

This data might sound boring to some, but what it means is beyond fascinating. CNN has hemorrhaged viewership since the COVID-19 pandemic. People must be sick of the network’s internal struggles with gross personalities, and with pushing a progressive agenda that just doesn’t mesh with the modern American way of life.

NewsNation, however, appears to be listening to its viewers. The network came in just behind Newsmax as the overall favorite this past weekend, adding 16% more viewers. (RELATED: CNN President Said Two Words To Trump Before Infamous Town Hall)

In my opinion, NewsNation is hitting harder because of its coverage, particularly of the UFO hearing, and for giving Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a Town Hall. The network somewhat owns the latest UFO stories since interviewing former intelligence officer David Grusch, who claims to have spoken to countless military witnesses who’ve worked on alien technologies, amongst other things.

Could NewsNation be the unlikely competitor to finally make CNN redundant to all? It certainly looks that way.