Security Teams Go At Each Other As Massive Brawl Explodes During Face-Off Ahead Of Jake Paul-Nate Diaz UFC Fight

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Get ready to be entertained!

Ahead of their fight, Jake Paul and Nate Diaz were featured in a press conference Thursday at The Factory in Deep Ellum (Dallas, Texas), and right before things were about to wrap-up, outright violence broke out.

Both joined by huge posses, Paul and Diaz were distanced from one another by Paul’s advisor Nakisa Bidarian and former Bellator matchmaker Rich Chou. Then — taking his attention away from Paul — Diaz started chirping at Bidarian with the latter talking back to him. From there, Diaz and Paul went their separate ways.

But things didn’t stop there as a power struggle ensued for stage position between the two sides, with one of Paul‘s security guards pushing the pile several times. As a result, punches started being thrown by people from both parties. Eventually, things calmed down and the crews left the stage.


It’s funny.

I was actually talking to somebody earlier about how I’m not making the same mistake of spending pay-per-view money on Jake Paul after he let me down in the Tommy Fury boxing match — I was rooting for him because I’m a fan of the Paul brothers. But after this?

Yeah, I think I’m going to have to make that same mistake again.

See, this is how you know UFC is good at promos, whether they’re by design or not. I had no interest in buying this PPV beforehand, but now … who do I hand my money to? (RELATED: A Bunch Of Fat Dudes Throw Blows At Each Other While One Guy’s Pants Keep Falling Down)

Good work, Dana White. Good work.