Woman Caught On Video Wildly Attacking Taco Vendor After Allegedly Refusing To Pay For Food

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — KTLA 5]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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What a disgrace.

An alleged freeloader has been caught on camera destroying a taco stand in Los Angeles and attacking the vendor with punches and pepper spray after she reportedly refused to pay for her food.

Taking place Sunday, the woman allegedly ate her food and then flipped her lid when she was asked for the money, the vendors told KTLA.

The broke buffoon is seen going to her very, very distinctive pink Lexus and allegedly coming back with a pepper spray can, according to a victim’s cell phone footage of the incident.

“When she finished spraying me, she started throwing everything and then she grabbed me and started to hit me,” vendor Joanna Vasquez told KTLA. “She pulled my hair and then punched me in my shoulders. She punched me in the face. She unloaded on me and then let me go.”

The taco villain also allegedly vandalized the vendors’ stand, knocked items off their table and even tossed a sandwich board, while also reportedly calling Vasquez a “b**ch,” according to KTLA.

This lady is an utter embarrassment.

I still can’t get over how she did all of this nonsense while having a pink Lexus that literally nobody else has. Like seriously, man. It’s such a move of stupidity that my brain cells are over here dying. Just dumb. Everything was already on camera as it was, including yourself, and then you have a pink friggin’ Lexus to top it all off?! (RELATED: Little League Baseball Coach Completely Knocks Out Umpire After Disagreeing With Call)

Holy crap, the stupidity is real out here.