Harvard Physicist Says The One Thing About UFOs That Should Terrify You

(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Breakthrough Prize Foundation)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb said the quiet part out loud while talking to Fox News Digital on Monday about UFOs, aliens and his ongoing research into extraterrestrial life.

Loeb believes that the proven existence of alien life should be enough to prompt humanity into a state of global unification, he told Fox. The idea is aliens would force humanity to consider ourselves a united species, rather than a diverse species who hate each other for largely mundane reasons. You’ve heard this idea before because it goes back at least as far as former President Ronald Reagan.

But this idea has also been bounced around the UFO community for decades. It is assumed that any announcement or “discovery” regarding alien life is a globalist psyop designed to destroy individual freedoms, enslave humanity, and usher in the New World Order. It sounds conspiratorial, and it absolutely is (unless it actually happens).

Another core theme within a staged alien invasion would be the attempt to kill God in the eyes of our species. And Loeb has some feelings on how humanity might react to such an “alien species” that falls oddly in line with this aspect of the conspiracy.

“A very advanced scientific civilization is a good approximation to God,” Loeb told Fox News Digital. “Imagine a cave dweller visiting New York City and seeing all the gadgets in technology in terms of the lights appearing as a miracle to the cave dweller.”

He went on to compare the situation to that of Moses and the burning bush. (RELATED: Does Anyone Else Feel Like These UFO Hearings Were A Little Too Convenient?)

Loeb claimed that had he has been there with Moses, he could have done a scientific study on the bush to give him more information on what was happening (ie: he wants to kill God using science). He didn’t stop there.

“You can imagine that the superhuman civilization that understands how to unify quantum mechanics and gravity might actually be able to create a baby universe in the laboratory, a quality that we assign to God in religious texts,” he continued.

Call me crazy, but this type of thinking is eerily in-line with the UFO community’s major concerns about the ramp-up in alleged “alien activity.” It is also almost exactly what is described in Revelations 13 (and other parts of Revelations) in regard to the antichrist.

So, if the aliens do invade, those of us who fear God should not be afraid. We should be skeptical because there is no form of life as powerful as Him anywhere in the universe. But there are plenty of lifeforms on Earth today who believe themselves to be Gods, and they are who we should really be worried about.