Lacey Evans Leaves WWE, Could Potentially Join OnlyFans

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Get ready to see Lacey Evans — no — Macey Estrella in AEW — I guarantee that’s coming.

Real name Macey Estrella, known as Lacey Evans in the WWE, has left the sports entertainment giant. On social media, she switched up her name, and in her bio, she has “FKA WWE Superstar Lacey Evans.”

Estrella’s exit from WWE was reported Wednesday by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer.

The now-former WWE Superstar signed with the company in 2016, spending three years developing in the NXT brand before eventually getting a promotion to join the main roster.

Lacey Evans’ last appearance in WWE came July 7 in a dark match loss against Zelina Vega.

WWE horribly managed her, putting her through start-and-stop booking on a consistent basis, as well as character change after character change (they should have kept her as “The Sassy Southern Belle”). But despite WWE’s horrible mismanagement, Estrella has managed to pull in a whopping 1.4 million Instagram followers and another 418,000 on Twitter.

Well, with Estrella on the way out of WWE, a lot of those followers wanted to know what’s next for her, including one asking if she could possibly join OnlyFans now that she’s out of her contract (WWE doesn’t allow OnlyFans). Estrella simply responded with emojis and a GIF, leaving the door wide open on that prospect.

I’m sure the gentlemen out there are happy about this. Me personally, I’m still annoyed at WWE’s bad booking.


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All Elite Wrestling and OnlyFans … this could very well be Macey Estrella’s new lane. (RELATED: ‘Lock The Doors’: 50 Cent Blasts Los Angeles Over Flash Mob Robberies)

And as a WWE fan, I can only say farewell to Lacey Evans — a victim of horrible booking.