‘Stamina For Days’: MMA Star Says Trump Would Thrash Biden In Hypothetical Fight


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MMA star Colby Covington told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Friday that President Joe Biden would get throttled in a fight with former President Donald Trump.

Ingraham visited the MMA champion to workout together and discuss the state of American politics. Covington told her that he’s not only motivated to defeat his opponents, but also to be an effective champion for first responders, the military, and police. (RELATED: ‘Greatest Living American’: UFC Star Colby Covington Praises Trump Following Victory)

“I’m fighting for a bigger purpose, not just myself. I’m fighting for the right. I’m fighting for law enforcement. I’m fighting for first responders and all the military out there,” Covington said.

He fondly reflected on a call he received from Trump following a victory in 2020. Covington called the interaction “one of the greatest moments” in his career.

Ingraham then asked Covington who he believes would win in a hypothetical fighting between Trump and Biden. Covington immediately responded that he thinks Trump would wipe the floor with Biden.

“It’s no question President Trump would drop a MAGA bomb on Biden. The thing with Biden is, you know, he can’t even ride a bike. Look at Trump. He’s going out to three rallies a day, flying across the country,” Covington said.

“He has stamina,” Ingraham interjected.

“Stamina for days, he’s a cardio king. You’ve seen his hands. Those things are lunch boxes. If he hits you with those hands, you’re going to sleep. It’s night night,” Covington added.

Ingraham then asked Covington how an MMA crowd would react if Biden were to show up to a match.

“Yeah, I think even in a blue city such as New York, I think all the crowd would boo him,” Covington said, adding that New York is now a “depleted city.”

“If Trump walked in he’d be a rock star. It’d be a like Rolling Stones concert where everybody’s on their feet screaming for President Trump, and rooting his name, screaming USA. Because, they knows he’s their last fight between, you know, freedom and communism,” Covington added.