‘Prosecuted Because He’s Leading’: Fox Panelists Slam Trump Indictment After Surrender


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Fox News panelists discussed former President Donald Trump’s mug shot on Thursday’s episode of “Hannity.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity commented that Trump did not look happy in the mugshot. He added that almost no one would be happy after facing four indictments.

“This is unprecedented. We’ve never had a former president ever indicted,” Hannity said. “We’ve never had a chief political rival of the opposition party ever treated like this before.” (RELATED: TRUMP’S MUG SHOT RELEASED)

“It’s garbage,” she said.

She claimed that Trump is being “prosecuted because he’s leading so significantly” in the 2024 GOP primary and that there “is no case” that he has committed crimes.

“They’re gonna try and put him in prison because they can’t beat him,” she added.

Hannity added that the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act charges levied against Trump require proof of intent. The Fox News host added that he believes if Trump were given a lie detector test, it would reveal that the former president actually believed his claims. Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said he doesn’t believe it is possible to prove Trump had intent.

“Everything we know about his conduct leading up to the certification of electors is that he thought he was availing himself properly of the legal process. And exhibit A, and this is the most exculpatory for the president, is his conversation with the secretary of state in Georgia, in which he is complaining about ballot irregularities, faulty machines, valid votes that aren’t being counted, invalid votes that are being counted, election laws that are being violated, petitions that are being ignored. And in the end he is demanding a recount and a review, which by the way, Brad Raffensperger has a duty to do,” Jarrett said.