The Greatest Athlete In History Is Finally Coming Back To Television


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Shoresy” and The Bulldogs are on their way back to the ice for season two in October. And they’re never going to lose again.

Unless you’re spare parts then you’ll know Shoresy is the greatest athlete in all of history, not just hockey, despite being a fictional character created by Jared Keeso for cult classic comedy series, “Letterkenny.” The giant ginger psycho managed to get his own spin-off show after making it out of the Canadian wilderness and season two is hitting Hulu on Oct. 27.

If you’ve never met Shoresy before, you can just ask your mum about him. She’s a big fan. Huge fan. In fact, she needs to refill his debit card so he can buy some more KFC. Seriously. You don’t like it, then fight him.

Or, if not, you’ll most likely find him taking a monster shit in front of a huge audience who doesn’t want to be there. (RELATED: Wait, Who TF Does This Guy Think He Is?)

In the up-coming season, Shoresy is joined by Frederick Roy (the son of Hall of Famer Patrick Roy), Reve, Catherine St-Laurent (“Tu Dor Nicole”) and Jordana Lajoie (“The Boys”), according to Coming Soon. A bunch of other folks grabbed some guest star roles, including “Letterkenny” star and co-writer Jacob Tierney … better known as Pastor Glen.

I think it’ll be cute AF.