Cardi B Rubs CD’s Between Her Legs And Butt To Give Fans A ‘Scratch-And-Sniff’ Experience


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Cardi B gave fans a scratch-and-sniff experience by rubbing some autographed CD’s between her legs, her butt cheeks and into her cleavage.

She left her essence on the album covers as people in the background screeched with shock and excitement during an Instagram Live broadcast Tuesday night. The famous artist decided to get raunchy with her CDs after a fan made some seedy requests, and she seemed very excited about the very personal nature of this project. Fans thought the CDs scented between her legs were too much to handle, so she licked a few with her tongue to balance things out.

Cardi B went all out with this very ‘personal’ fan experience, and seemed excited to oblige the request.

“Here. Y’all want scratch-and-sniff? Y’all want scratch-and-sniff videos, bitch, hold up!” she said as she proceeded to shove a CD cover under her dress and between her legs. Cardi B rubbed it around, and pulled it back out from under the dress. She proceeded to stack the CD, signaling that it was ready for distribution.

Someone in the background could be heard screaming “Ohhhh my God, Ohhhh my God!”

The famous artist then rubbed another cd cover into her cleavage and shouted “this one smell like titties,” as seen in the video posted by TMZ.

She proceeded to rub another one between her legs and said “this one smells like….” and the video was bleeped.

Cardi B patted another CD cover against her butt and said, ‘this one smell like ass cheek,” as she continued to sign each one that touched her body with a huge smile on her face.


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She then began licking a number of CDs that were stacked in front of her. She methodically selected one CD at a time, licked it, and added it to the stack to give to fans with unique fetishes.

“Alright, I signed these mother fuckers. Next batch!” she shouted. (RELATED: The Rolling Stones Release A Sizzling Hot Music Video Featuring Sydney Sweeney)

The “Bongos” album features a collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, and reunites the team that took the world by storm with the release of their explicit album, “WAP.”

A select few fans will be able to enjoy the actual scent of Cardi B on their CDs — the rest of the world will just have to settle for the non-scratch-and-sniff downloads.