Raiders’ Jakobi Meyers Sent Into Concussion Protocol After Getting Knocked Out Cold From Scary Hit

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Thoughts and prayers to Jakobi Meyers — stay strong, king.

Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Jakobi Meyers was forced to leave Sunday’s 17-16 road win over the Denver Broncos due to a potential concussion.

With 2:54 left to go in the game, Meyers was blasted in the head by Broncos’ Kareem Jackson after getting a six-yard gain. He laid on the ground for a few minutes and was woozy when two trainers eventually helped him off the field. Immediately, Meyers was ruled out for the rest of the contest following the concussion protocol and was sent to the locker room.

Unnecessary roughness was called on Jackson, giving the Raiders a first down which was crucial to their win.

After the game, the Raiders said Meyers is still being evaluated for a possible concussion. He was sitting upright while in the locker room, according to ESPN via Deadspin.


Man, this is rough. I feel for Jakobi Meyers.

And to make this situation even worse, you have the fact that he was having a great game before getting hurt, tallying 81 yards and two touchdowns — and it was his first with the Las Vegas Raiders on top of that.

I truly do feel for the guy, but let’s just hope this is a situation where he just has to miss a few games. (RELATED: Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa Makes Absolutely Perfect Throw Which Leads To Unbelievable Game-Winning Catch By Tyreek Hill)

See you soon, Jakobi.