Women’s Rights Advocates Calmly Walk Through Crowd Of Trans Activists Following, Harassing Them In Viral Video


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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A group of women’s rights protesters walked calmly through a crowd of transgender activists in a video circulating on Twitter on Tuesday.

The women were followed after holding a meeting on women’s rights at the People’s History Museum in Manchester, according to one of the women, Maya Forstater.

Forstater was previously at the center of a high-profile court battle after she lost her job for speaking out against transgenderism

The women at the Manchester meeting reportedly needed a police escort due to a mob forming outside the building. (RELATED: Hospital Ends Trans Treatments For Minors Months After Whistleblower Alleged Doctors Pushed Kids Into Sex Changes)

Activists held signs that read “trans liberation now” and “no space for hate,” as they followed Forstater and fellow campaigners Helen Joyce, Caro Betts and others. Video shows the crowd screaming “anti-fascist” and following the women.

Speakers for the organization Sex Matters, a group with a mission to “promote clarity about sex in law, policy and language in order to protect everybody’s rights,” had to be driven away by police.

The museum where the talk was held had to be closed to the public for the entire day due to the mob.

“Not a single member of the fence-sitting, be kind ‘both sides’ crew have had a word to say about this,” Forstater wrote on Twitter. “This is a mob following women walking down the street shouting personal abuse and intimidation at them.”

The women advocate legal recognition of rights based on two unique, distinct sexes rather than on “gender identity,” citing the rise in violent male felons being housed in female prisons and women’s sports and locker rooms accommodating biological men.