ROOKE: Women Aren’t That Complex


Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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Men conflate the simple task of understanding women into a complicated issue. It’s actually very simple. We need masculinity that makes us feel loved and secure. Confident women don’t sleep around or take the kids and run. These women make warm homes, raise loving children, and build a lasting legacy for their husbands.

Women and men have an inherent need for each other’s companionship. When they are married, a woman craves the safety of her husband’s touch and calming words, especially in a stressful situation.

Each circumstance is different, but a recent street interview with a couple who have been together for five years perfectly shows how the process works. The host asked the husband and wife about the price of her engagement ring. The husband hems and haws before eventually telling the host he spent around $35,000 on the piece of jewelry. The host then asks the wife what she has to offer her husband if he is willing to spend thousands on a ring.

“So he spends that much on a wedding ring for you. As a gesture, what does he get in return?” the host asked.

The husband stops the host, saying, “I think I should answer that.”

With how feminism has cudgeled most men into submission, the expectation was that the husband would allow his wife to respond. But he was confident enough to answer for her. He wants her to understand that she is the prize to him.

“I get a partner that’s loyal. I get the mother of my children. I get the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever been around. The most important thing is how she treats me, how she treats my family, and how she treats her family. So for me, I have a partner for life, and it’s worth every investment there is,” the husband explains. (RELATED: ROOKE: Yes, Women Would Be Better Off As Housewives. The Numbers Don’t Lie)

He finished, and his wife stared at him with love and admiration. He didn’t have to rush to her defense. Our society does not require husbands and wives to honor each other. But he did. She will mother his children and support him in achieving his goals because he’s settled the matter of whether he respects her. His wife’s virtue was in question before, but after he spoke, the world understood that she was above reproach.

An insecure man needs his wife to inflate his ego in public, even if it is demeaning to her. Similar to the way the marriage between porn creators Adam22 and LenaThePlug works. They have a show dedicated to degrading their marriage where Adam interviews women before he and his wife have sex with them. He recently let his wife film porn with another man so he could monetize it. He has so little respect for her and their marriage that he allows people to pay a small fee for access to his wife’s sexuality.

When Adam and Lena were on the dating and pop culture podcast “Whatever” talking about their relationship, he told the audience the graphic requirements he had for his wife before they got married. He didn’t save the sexual nature of their relationship for private. Unlike the other wife, whose husband clearly honors her, Lena is painfully aware that her husband believes her worth is tethered to her sexuality.

Adam brought her on “Whatever” and allowed her to be publicly humiliated. He talked about her body and his previous sexual activity while his wife listened. She endured hours of emotional abuse to seemingly drive more subscribers to the monetization of her sexuality. The other husband protected his wife from the embarrassment of being considered unworthy of his love and respect. He refused to allow her to feel insecure for the sake of his ego.

Any woman who claims she’d rather be in Lena’s position over the other wife is lying to you. Women want to be the prize. We want to know our husbands cherish our presence and make us feel safe. In return, we will love them and give them children because men like that deserve a legacy.

Mary Rooke is a reporter at the Daily Caller.

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