NFL Fans Plan On Free Booze After Aaron Rodgers Injury, Completely Blows Up In Their Face After Shocker Jets Win

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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This is pure gold.

Bargoers in Milwaukee were planning on scoring some free booze after Aaron Rodgers’ season-ending torn Achilles injury, but those plans completely blew up in their face following Xavier Gipson‘s shocking game-winning punt return.

Late August, Jack’s American Pub announced they would be paying for customers’ tabs when the New York Jets lost a contest that was started by Aaron Rodgers. The rules were laid out simply: Patrons must open a tab at least 15 minutes before a game starts and while food isn’t covered, all alcohol is free if Rodgers‘ Jets end up losing.

When Rodgers went down with his injury in the first possession against the Buffalo Bills, bargoers watching “Monday Night Football” at Jack’s were in complete celebration mode because they thought they were going to get free booze and easily with Zach Wilson replacing Rodgers. (RELATED: Lefties Are Pushing For The Jets To Sign Colin Kaepernick After The Aaron Rodgers Injury. We Need To Make This Happen)

But the Jets ended up winning in stunning fashion, getting a 22-16 victory after Gipson’s punt return touchdown in overtime, which meant the celebratory customers were suddenly responsible for their own tabs. And just like that, the party was over.

CBS58’s A.J. Bayatpour happened to be at Jack’s when everything went down, catching the reaction to the Gipson score. And the result was outright glorious television.


Now this is what I mean by popcorn content, ladies and gentlemen. Brilliant, just brilliant.