‘Just A Bad Date’: OJ Simpson Gives Hilariously Awkward Take On Aaron Rodgers’ Injury

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Man, this was so disrespectful … but outright hilarious.

Since New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers went down with a season-ending (and potentially career-ending) torn Achilles injury on Monday Night Football, he has been one of the most popular discussions in all of sports, if not the most popular.

Everybody and their mother has chimed in to give their hot takes on the matter, including myself who has put out several blogs about this whole ordeal (you can check those out here, here, here, here, here and here) — shameless plugging from me, guilty as charged.

One high-profile individual who has given his two cents is none other than OJ Simpson, who went on the “It Is What It Is” podcast to speak on the Rodgers situation and talk about the Jets’ future. But, uhh … things went a little sideways when OJ brought up Sept. 11, 2001.

“Unfortunately, 9/11 is just a bad date for New York,” said Simpson, referencing the Rodgers injury and 9/11 terrorist attacks happening on the same date. The podcast hosts exploded into laughter.


I laugh at this, but I cringe while doing so.

Here’s the thing: I’m one of those people who watch OJ’s Twitter videos all the time because I happen to get a good laugh out of them, and the same thing happened here as in all of his social media clips. It’s not exactly what he says, but how he says it that makes you crack up. OJ is just a funny dude when he talks, even when he’s speaking about something as serious as 9/11 or a season-ending injury. Is “disrespectful hilarity” a term?

Because that’s exactly what happened here, and OJ seems to be the only one who can get away with that. (RELATED: New York Jets Have Zero Interest In Signing Colin Kaepernick: REPORT)

… Among other things…