Over A Dozen Students Arrested After Massive Brawl Erupts At Florida High School

[FOX 13 Tampa Bay/Screenshot/Public]

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With youth like this, I truly feel bad for America and her future.

Thirteen students from Tampa Bay-area Zephyrhills High School have been arrested and are now facing charges after two massive brawls erupted on campus Tuesday. A total of 14 students were involved, according to the Pasco County school district via FOX 13.

Video shows the school resource deputy and staff trying to break up the brawl, but struggling to do so while students and faculty, including the principal of the school, ended up on the ground.

Extra police officers were called to the high school to sustain peace and the campus was put on controlled campus status, which means that the movement of both students and staff were restricted until it was time for dismissal, the outlet noted.

The 13 students arrested are facing multiple charges, including battery and the disruption of a school function, according to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, Fox 13 reported. The students may also receive punishment from the district.

Holy cow, teenagers are so crap today.

Quite frankly, none of this is shocking with how kids are, I’m always seeing stories about how some teenager did this and some teenager did that. And it’s so bad that you can’t help but to worry about the future of America.

And what’s up with all these kids today thinking they’re a bunch of tough guys?

I can’t help but cringe.

For example, there’s one teen I know who goes around and thinks that he’s some tough guy, gloating to everybody about how he’s going to be a boxing champion in the future even though he never spends a day in the gym (let alone do anything at all, and he can’t fight either). And he thinks he’s so cool, that it’s cringe. Really, really cringe. It’s one of those situations where you know the teenager is going to grow up and be a bum. (RELATED: Commanders’ Sam Howell And Referee Rocked By Dirty Hit From Cardinals’ Kyzir White, Punches Thrown In Aftermath)

And then it just makes you think … this is the youth that’s going to be running the show when I get old?

Poor America, and the whole world at that.

We’re doomed.