1-Year-Old Boy Dies At NYC Daycare, 3 Others Hospitalized. Circumstances Remain Mysterious

[Screenshot/YouTube/Eyewitness News ABC7NY]

Matthew Xiao Contributor
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Authorities are investigating a New York City daycare after one child died and three children were hospitalized on Friday, according to CBS News. 

While a one-year-old boy passed away, two two-year-old boys and an eight-month-old girl are still being treated, with at least one still in critical condition, the outlet reported.

The daycare, reportedly run by a mother and daughter, is located on the first floor of a Bronx apartment building. A resident reportedly heard a day care employee scream and rushed to the scene where she saw the four children unresponsive, the outlet noted. (RELATED: Police Investigating Reports Of Sexual Assaults At Daycare)

“They’re dying, they’re dying,” the employee reportedly yelled, per the outlet.  

The facility, which accommodates up to eight children aged seven weeks to 12 years old, just passed safety inspections last week, according to CBS News. 

Officials have ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning and are now investigating the possibility of fentanyl exposure. Narcan, a medicine designed to rapidly treat a drug overdose, worked on at least one of the children, per the outlet.