Idiot Brutally Rocks Moron’s Dome In Wild Brawl Between Saints And Panthers Fans

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I feel like a lot of Tylenol was needed after this.

The New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers squared off on ‘Monday Night Football’ in Week 2, with the Saints getting the 20-17 win to bump them up to 2-0 on the season. However, the field wasn’t the only place seeing violence at Bank of America Stadium.

Video circulating online shows a crazy brawl that popped off in the stadium’s concourse between one idiot in Panthers gear and another idiot who appears to be a fan of the Saints. It’s unclear what sparked up the fight, but the video shows the presumed New Orleans fan — wearing black and white — on top of the Carolina fan and outright rocking his dome.

Eventually, the two get separated, with the Panthers fan getting back up completely wobbly and helped to one side of the scene while the alleged Saints fan was on the other. But the latter wasn’t done, as he rushed back over to give the Carolina fan another molly whop to put him back on the ground.


Just idiots being idiots, man.

But I will say, the moron apparently representing the black and gold gave a good ‘ol fashioned ass whoopin’ to the Panthers clown. I mean, my God, you know that dude needed some serious headache medication for those blows he was taking to the head — just a complete rock-fest.

And then he got him there at the end with one last pop? (RELATED: Blood Left Everywhere In Wild Brawl Between Jets And Cowboys Fans)

Good lord. The Queen City should revoke that guy’s Panthers fandom after that one, embarrassing.