ROOKE: There’s A Way To Fix How Poorly Single Women Vote, And It Isn’t Repealing The 19th

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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Modern, single women are left-leaning voters because they have no concept of the future with a family. Naturally, if you have nothing that forces you to stop being selfish, like motherhood certainly does, your voting philosophy will reflect that. It’s simply that they have no reason to think about anyone but themselves, so they vote with the party willing to validate every fleeting emotion.

The left praises these women as independent and heralds their ability to focus on themselves over anything else.

“Why shouldn’t women practice ‘self-care?'” they snap back like it’s some valid response to accusing progressive women of being self-absorbed shrews. “Self-care” is an egocentric lie. It encourages women to love themselves above anyone else. They are tricked into denying the profound benefit they receive from bringing emotional stability to others’ lives.

Our society can’t survive if we continue the cycle of lying to these women. It encourages them to vote for policies during their “self-care” period — such as open borders and drag shows for kids — that ruin their ability to have a safe future. Still, what kind of American Dream are we selling these voters? When they look to the right, they see male “red-pill” commentators demanding women lose their right to vote like that will fix all of their issues. (RELATED: ROOKE: Blaming Feminism Is A Cope For Men Who Traded Masculinity For The Mirage Of Free Love)

“If you needed it in black and white, here it is. Nothing, not marriage and birthrates, the welfare state, immigration, nothing gets fixed until you take women’s rights away. It is literally step 0. And if you aren’t ready to do that, you aren’t really looking for solutions,” anonymous Twitter user @AmericanOnryo posted.

And female commentators like Pearl Davis are just as cynical. She farms for millions of views by posting anti-women and anti-marriage content on social media.

She encourages her young, impressionable male viewers to stay single and sleep around. In her opinion, none of these women have any value to bring men because they are all money-grabbing sluts. Her exceptions are if you are a virgin who marries young. Still, Davis claims there aren’t enough virgin women to go around, so men should avoid getting married.

To her, marriage is a con perpetrated against men. It’s not if but when a woman will let down her man. She claims marriage traps men into servitude until the wife lets herself go or takes his money and children and leaves him. Some men and women get off on dominating their spouses. We see them all over social media, but we all know that hellscape is not real life.

Although no one wants to be controlled by despotic rulers, there is an allure to saying single women shouldn’t vote. It’s like giving the country the ability to immediately roll back abortion, Free Love, and Barack Obama all in one. Still, stripping women of their rights doesn’t bring the societal balance everyone is desperate for. It just makes our side look hateful and dark.

Married women vote more conservatively because their lives have a purpose greater than themselves. We need to bolster our voting numbers, not weaken them. Having a powerful coalition of mothers has helped fight back against gender and sex ideologies being pushed on children. Are we really claiming that it would be better to take away a woman’s right to vote than to help her understand our way of life?

We need these women to care about the future of our society. Our “influencers” should encourage these women to see the value in a traditional life so they vote to protect it.

There is nothing appealing about the message: “Come to the right where we want to take away your voting rights and tell you that you are a valueless skank.”

Mary Rooke is a reporter at the Daily Caller

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