Cast And Creator Of ‘The Chosen’ Detail Their Incredible Journey To Becoming The Biggest Show In The World

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The cast and creator of international hit series “The Chosen” sat down with NewsNation on Sunday to take a look behind the scenes of their incredible work.

The Chosen” television series tells the story of Jesus Christ’s time on Earth. For those who haven’t watched it already, it’s an insanely powerful show. You’ll laugh, cry and be inspired in equal measure throughout each episode, and fall in love with His disciples in a way you never could have before.

The Biblical stories were developed for television by Dallas Jenkins, who crowdfunded the series. From humble beginnings in season one to enormous scenes and storylines by season three, it’s clear the crowdfunding approach worked and has allowed fans to feel even closer to a story that defines our humanity. (RELATED: One TV Show Could Finally Bring The World Together. Here’s Why)

But it’s lead actor Jonathan Roumie who really surprised me throughout the special. His interview is unlike most we see from Hollywood. Just hours before he booked the role of Jesus Christ, he said he made a “desperate prayer,” and it sounds like it came true. It’s hard to go into more detail without giving away spoilers to those who haven’t seen the series, but let’s just say that season four sounds like it’ll be the biggest yet.

The series shows Jesus “as he really was,” according to Pastor Rick Warren, who spoke at length with NewsNation about the show for the special, “The Chosen Phenomenon.” Warren said the success of “The Chosen” is built from our growing sense of questioning about our lives on Earth, why we’re here and what our purpose is during our time spent alive.

Those questions are growing ever-louder, even if they’re not all coming from traditional Christian followers. So, if you’re wondering who you are and why you’re here, checking out “The Chosen” is a great way to start your journey to self-discovery.