Josh Dobbs Calls Out Arizona Cardinals After Being Busted Not Selling His Jersey At Team Store

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And this is why the Arizona Cardinals … are the Arizona Cardinals.

Their starting quarterback Josh Dobbs, who is in for Kyler Murray while he recovers from an ACL injury, had one goal in mind when he went to the Cardinals team store over the weekend: to get his family some official jerseys with his name on them.

However, when the 28-year-old was using the custom jersey machine — with the “select from roster” option selected — to look for his name, he noticed that ‘Josh Dobbs’ was nowhere to be found.

This sparked Dobbs to … I’d say semi-jokingly … call out his franchise in a social media video.

“Like, yo, I know I just got here, but we can at least have a custom jersey ready for me … help your boy out!” said Dobbs.


Obviously feeling the heat, the Cardinals remedied this situation within hours.

I don’t get it.

Like I understand how he’s a backup quarterback and just got there a month ago, I get that QB1 Kyler Murray is out with an ACL injury, but how on earth do you not at least have the man in the system?

I was under the impression that every official team store at the stadium had literally every jersey on the roster, and I believe I’m right on that.

Just take the Philadelphia Eagles for example (this was when the iconic Kelly Green throwbacks were put on sale):

(SIDE NOTE: I look forward to when the Birds wear those jerseys against my Miami Dolphins)

See what I mean?

So, Arizona … what gives? How? (RELATED: Cardinals’ Kyzir White Blasts Cowboys’ Dak Prescott As ‘Bum’ And ‘A**,’ Then Backs It Up With Win-Sealing Interception)

Like I said: this is why the Arizona Cardinals … are the Arizona Cardinals. What a massive L.