‘There’s No Muzzles Here’: Dana White Comments On Bryce Mitchell Raising His Bible And Yelling ‘Freedom’ In Octagon

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This settles it … I’m officially a fan of Bryce Mitchell.

UFC star Bryce Mitchell squared off against Dan Ige Sept. 23, and Mitchell got the victory. But before the dub, Mitchell pulled off the most glorious move, holding his Holy Bible and yelling “freedom” in the Octagon while the announcer introduced him. And UFC CEO Dana White is all for it.

Here’s that piece of grade A action if you missed it:

My man also rebuked Satan after the fight, as well as prayed with Ige — this dude is such a G:

The media asked Dana White about it Tuesday, with Dana reacting how you would expect Dana to react.

“I got no reaction. You know how I am here. Whatever you’re into, man. There’s no muzzles here … whoever you are, whatever you believe, whatever you think, we’ve heard it all, seen it all — well, we think we have, who knows what’s next — but this is one of those places where you say what you feel and you say what you want, and it’s all good with me,” White said.


And all of this is just days after Bryce Mitchell gave us an absolute gem when he was talking about evolution.

Damn, I love this guy.

I’m more of a professional wrestling fan because I need storylines and promos to pull me in, but with this obvious promo game Bryce Mitchell has, I’m gonna have to start watching UFC more. I watch the sexy, big fights, but that’s about all my fan-width can handle right now. However, I think I’m gonna have to add Bryce Mitchell fights into the rotation.

Because not only can that boy fight …

But that boy is based as hell. (RELATED: ‘It’s A Lie From Satan!’: Bryce Mitchell Goes Off On Michael Bisping After Saying He Believes Humans Come From Monkeys)

And y’all know me, I love that ish — you got yourself a new fan, Bryce.