Deion Sanders’ Son, Shilo, Says He’s ‘Peeing Blood’ Following Blowout Loss To Oregon

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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“When it rains, it pours” … that’s exactly what’s going on with the Buffaloes right now.

It’s bad enough Colorado suffered a 42-6 thrashing Saturday to Oregon, and then the Monday after getting completely owned by the Ducks (again) via cinematic glory that — let’s be honest here — utterly embarrassed them.

But now there’s this little factoid floating around about how Buffs safety Shilo Sanders, the son of head coach Deion Sanders, ended up having to go to the ER following the game.

Talking with Well Off Media on YouTube, Sanders revealed he ended up dealing with a few painful injuries that forced him to be checked out Saturday night after the team’s flight back from Eugene.

“I can’t say I didn’t play hard, I’m peeing blood right now,” Sanders said.

Sanders’ diagnosis has not been revealed publicly; however, he had a guess as to why his urination was red.

“I made a tackle and I landed on my kidney or something broke. So, I gotta go to the ER and get checked,” he said.

It’s unclear whether or not Sanders will play Saturday against USC.


Man … you talk about adversity. Just a brutal weekend for Colorado.

But with how Coach Prime and the Buffaloes carry themselves, I can’t help but think this incredible amount of adversity — and there’s a lot of it — is going to end up being a good thing for them.

You know how when adversity hits, you have some teams who respond well and others who don’t?

I think the Buffaloes will have the former effect. There’s just so much being thrown at them right now, which seems to be just a part of the Coach Prime storyline. Like … think about it. It starts out with all of the offseason hype, which then leads into an epic 3-0 start and that takes us into the Oregon blowout, that adversity I speak of (and the rest of the load on top of that, like the Shilo injury). It’s like a script out of a movie.

And I make the “adversity” element such a focus just because Colorado does as a program: you hear them talk about it.

So with that being the case and Hollywood appearing to write the narrative here … (RELATED: Checkmate: Oregon Completely Owns Deion Sanders’ Colorado With Cinematic Glory That Exposes Buffaloes’ Trash Talk)

I can’t help but think something special is being built in Boulder.