Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes Fall Out Of Top 25 After Blowout Loss To Oregon; New Top 4 Emerges

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Like Coach Prime said … “You better get me right now, this is the worst we’re gonna be.”

The Deion Sanders-led Colorado Buffaloes fell out of The Associated Press Top 25 college football poll Sunday following a 42-6 blowout loss to Oregon in Powell’s Game of the Week, while a new Top 4 has emerged as the race towards the College Football Playoff continues.

A whopping six teams landed first-place votes, with that figure being both a season-high and the most since the 2016 preseason poll, according to ESPN, with Georgia still being the top dog at No. 1 with 55 first-place votes out of a possible 63.

Staying at No. 2 is Michigan, who got a first-place vote, and Texas also remained in their spot at No. 3 with two first-place votes. However, we had a change at No. 4 as Ohio State was bumped up two positions after getting a victory over Notre Dame with a touchdown on their last play — the Buckeyes earned a first-place vote.

They replaced Florida State, who was dropped down to No. 5 after a close win at Clemson, but the Seminoles tallied more first-place votes with three.

Here is the entire AP Top 25:

  1. Georgia (55)
  2. Michigan (1)
  3. Texas (2)
  4. Ohio State (1)
  5. Florida State (3)
  6. Penn State
  7. Washington (1)
  8. USC
  9. Oregon
  10. Utah
  11. Notre Dame
  12. Alabama
  13. LSU
  14. Oklahoma
  15. North Carolina
  16. Washington State
  17. Duke
  18. Miami
  19. Oregon State
  20. Ole Miss
  21. Tennessee
  22. Florida
  23. Missouri
  24. Kansas
  25. Fresno State

I hate it for Colorado, but you’re bound to drop out of the Top 25 if you’re on the receiving end of a 42-6 ass whoopin’, so it’s no shocker. However, Deion Sanders is right when he says “this is the worst we’re gonna be.”

Take advantage now, college football, because the Buffaloes program is only going to get better with all the Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel recruiting pieces that are coming in. It’s easy to pick on Deion now when he’s only four games into his Colorado tenure. The Buffs will be back, so laugh it up now, haters. And within the next couple of years, he’ll have that university competing for a national championship — take it to the bank.

Moving on with the poll, I’m happy to see my Miami Hurricanes be bumped up to 18th after a 41-7 thrashing of Temple, no complaints there. But I do have a complaint as Florida Man, despite them being our rivals … I’m a little bit confused why the Seminoles were cranked down to No. 5.

I get that fraudulent Ohio State beat fraudulent Notre Dame, but considering Florida State rolled all over LSU to kick off the season and then took out Clemson in Death Valley to remain undefeated — ya know, not take a loss — I’m a little bit confused about the downgrade. (RELATED: ‘This Is The Worst We’re Gonna Be’: Deion Sanders Pops Off Warning And Talks His Ish After Blowout Loss To Oregon)

I’m gonna assume more anti-Florida bias from the nation?

Yeah, probably. That’ll never change. But Associated Press, you could give me a vote. Let’s make that happen.