Taylor Swift Fans Don’t Know Who Travis Kelce Is

Screenshot/YouTube/Man vs Street/Daily Caller

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Taylor Swift fans, Swifties as they’re affectionately known, voiced their opinions on the pop star’s new viral romance with superstar footballer Travis Kelce while speaking to the Daily Caller’s Joel Gibbons.

“Better than some of her other exes,” is how one woman described the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

“Just don’t make her write mean songs about you, just don’t be an awful person,” one Swiftie warned Kelce.

“Be a nice man for Taylor,” another suggested.

“Don’t be as like ‘uhh football,’ like pipe down,” a third Swiftie chimed in.

“Also, like, he did like support Trump like three years ago,” a Swiftie said.

“That’s not really her vibe either like c’mon,” her friend agreed.

“Yeah, Taylor hates Trump.”

Joel asked nearly every woman if they knew who Travis Kelce was and if so, how? “Taylor Swift” was the unanimous response. (RELATED: Listen Up, Lads. Women Love Being Naked As Much As We Love Dressing Up)

Many of the interviewees had no prior knowledge about football and their attempts to guess what position Kelce plays resulted in hilarity.

You can watch the Swifties take more guesses about Kelce’s football position in the latest edition of “Man vs. Street.”