Golfer Breaks Two World Records In One Day Like A Complete Boss

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Kyle Berkshire — let me tell you about this instant legend.

After a horrendous Ryder Cup, U.S. professional golfers are heading home and putting into place the puzzle pieces to move on from the shame they’ve brought this beautiful nation. But professional long-drive competitor Kyle Berkshire?

He’s bringing straight glory to Americana.

The 26-year-old set not just one, but two world records in a single day Monday while at Rochelle Ranch in Wyoming, according to OutKick.

First, he set a new long drive world record, stepping onto the 12th tee of the public course with the goal of knocking his shot over the 13th hole, a piece of the 18th fairway and then have the ball landing near the green on No. 16.

But my man far exceeded that, as the two-time World Long Drive Champion absolutely unloaded a BOMB that has the golf realm across the entire planet talking. In fact, the drive was hit so deep, that it was a “two-minute cart ride from where Berkshire teed off to where the ball landed,” according to the Cowboy State Daily.

“We measured a ball speed of 233 mph in 52-degree weather. I don’t know of two other people in the world that can do that,” Berkshire told the Cowboy State Daily after breaking the record. “I am going to come back here next summer when it’s 85 degrees and go for 600. In fact, I bet I could hit one 630, maybe 640 yards. Easy.”

Berkshire’s long drive broke the old world record by 26 yards. (RELATED: Tennis Player Wildly Smashes Ball Into Umpire’s Face And Gets Immediately Disqualified — On Match Point)

Then, for his second world record of the day, Berkshire went into Rochelle Ranch’s 19th hole, setting a new record for ball speed with some serious heat of 241.6 mph.


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What a boss … just a straight up boss. And just like that, American golf glory has been restored.