Lads, Please Stop Doing These Icks


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Man vs Street” host Joel Gibbons asked one of the most pressing questions in modern history during Wednesday’s episode: what are the biggest icks for women in the D.C. area?

From weird, to wonderful, to clearly just an excuse for women to vent, the biggest icks of Washington, D.C., women are absolutely hilarious. I had a few ideas going into this video about what these ladies would say, but I was surprised at every single example.

“Guys, like, walking down a hill,” one woman replied.

“Guys who play die,” said another.

“Like, beer die?” Gibbons asked, clearly confused.

“That shit looks fucking goofy as hell,” the woman replied (and you can’t help but giggle along with her).

Another woman went into significant detail about her biggest ick. Apparently she doesn’t like it when she’s playing beer pong with a guy, the ball goes far over his shoulder and he struggles to pick it up off the floor. (RELATED: Gen Z Women Are Totally Against Kids Getting Tattoos, But Are Fine With Puberty Blockers)

But some of the icks were actually pretty constructive. One woman said she really didn’t like when guys post videos of themselves flexing on Instagram. Though I believe this is a relatively universal ick, it should always be reiterated … at least until guys stop doing it.

The biggest round of applause goes to all the women who used the video as an excuse to roast Gibbons. It was really, really funny.